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Welcome to my corner of the web. I created this site to experiment with new types of technology and connect with others interested in the same topics. I also started a new learning adventure, and needed a space to put my thoughts and work.

Jennifer Englund

Spent some time on the LOC's personal digital archiving site. Their description of digital preservation from a libraries perspective got me thinking. What if "digital preservation" was replaced with "media production" in (part of) this doc?

So it would read something like this: It seem(s) like a daunting task to try to communicate everything that is known about media production. But it became apparent that media production knowledge could be distilled and simplified into a few steps, and that information would be sufficient to get people started. "Simplification" is a crucial strategy: Simplifying information is essential in order to avoid losing an audience due to long-winded explanations with unnecessary technical detail.Too much information can bury a message. (How could media production practices be narrowed to to find commonalities with basic consumer practices?) Essentially, institutions and individuals use similar equipment (computers and storage media) and have similar stakes (loss of files). Individuals produce content and they should organize it and name it in a way that will help them search and find it later. Finally, the content should be backed up. Thankfully, these materials are all in the public domain, so they can be reused and remixed as needed by all of us.

Jennifer Englund

The Case for Connected Learning

"Connected learning is an educational paradigm that allows students to practice living in the world by having them learn in the world"

"ALT Lab is aiming to make VCU a distinctive capacitor for deeper learning, high engagement, and student success by facilitating a decisive institution-wide pedagogical shift to connected learning."

case study by @GoogleGuacamole

Jennifer Englund

Jennifer Englund

Kevin's Meandering Mind | In Support of Those Who Lurk

Comment on lurking:
I’m starting to wonder if lurking is part of a larger process…what role does it play in helping a person feel comfortable with the use of social media (especially if s/he is first using it as an adult learner) and experiencing the norms of a group? What role does it play in a move towards openness

I remember thinking about this when reading Mariana Funes’ story of her journey towards being an “open sharer” ( She brings up several good points that address the inner barriers that academics may face and strategies for overcoming those barriers.

Jennifer Englund

Reinventing Teaching and Learning Centers for the 21st Century -- Campus Technology

ALT lab = academic learning transformation
VCU kept integration between teaching and learning with technology & pedagogical faculty development - Center for Teaching Excellence (founded circa 2000) bridged those approaches. Emphasis on learning (rather than discrete areas of instruction, teaching, or faculty)

Jennifer Englund

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