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Welcome to my corner of the web. I created this site to experiment with new types of technology and connect with others interested in the same topics. I also started a new learning adventure, and needed a space to put my thoughts and work.

Jennifer Englund

@podehaye @Bali_Maha @withknown @benwerd perhaps, but also along the lines of keeping all your comments, etc in one place.

Jennifer Englund

Just stumbled upon this comment...Tim, will this process work for responding to comments *all the time* on various sites, platforms, etc? That's what the underlying principle of a webmention is, yes? (trying to get a meta-look at what this means) If so, this is a great way to have all comments (to others) in one place...

Jennifer Englund

Kevin's Meandering Mind | In Support of Those Who Lurk

Comment on lurking:
I’m starting to wonder if lurking is part of a larger process…what role does it play in helping a person feel comfortable with the use of social media (especially if s/he is first using it as an adult learner) and experiencing the norms of a group? What role does it play in a move towards openness

I remember thinking about this when reading Mariana Funes’ story of her journey towards being an “open sharer” ( She brings up several good points that address the inner barriers that academics may face and strategies for overcoming those barriers.

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